About Us

Blessons for Living is dedicated to parents, youth, and young adults that desire to manifest a life of greatness. By sharing life’s greatest lessons, we are a blessing to generations to come. A Blesson is a lesson shared. It can be heard, learned or earned, but it is always a gift that gives you a lift. It’s a blessing to share and a blessing to care. Oh what a Blesson it is! 

🌈 Shared Lessons = Blessings = BLESSONS

Our books highlights some of the most important values that parents want to teach their children, like making good choices, loving themselves and being brave.” These are just a few of the Blessons found in our Blessons for Living books, beautifully illustrated by Terry Did'Um. 

 In every way, every day you can be helpful and kind. Be a Blesson! Share “Blessons for Living books with your child and those you love.

Elena Neely is an Author, Publisher, and is the owner of Blessons for Living, LLC.  She has written a ground breaking, foundational value based children’s book series entitled “Blessons for Living.”  It is a dazzling debut of three books, each beginning with the same title but different subtitle: Blessons For Living, “Planting Seeds of Greatness,” “The BEST of BEING,” and “Always Remember and Never Forget.”  It encompasses 30 important life lessons taught in a way that a child would understand.  Shared lessons are a blessing = BLESSONS.  Some Blessons include “Love Yourself, Be Grateful, The Power of One, Doing your best, and Forgiveness if Free.” The series has an accompanying workbook as all 30 Blessons are connected to scripture and this makes for a wonderful youth curriculum.

Elena sees a world that invests in our youth through books.  She encourages parents to read to their children early and often.  Sharing life lessons early will lift future generations.  In practicing this herself Elena wrote a book about her daughter entitled “A Girl Named Amaya, She Reached Inside Herself and Found Her Strength.” It encourages and inspires youth to believe in themselves despite challenges in life and to keep going towards their dreams and goals.
Elena also assists authors by publishing those that write to enrich and enlighten via her Blessons For Living Publishing company.  

Elena is not only an Author, Publisher and Owner, she is a devoted Christian, curriculum developer,36-year retired government executive, national speaker and mother.  Elena is the current chapter president of the Five Star Alexandria Mt. Vernon chapter of Jack and Jill of America, a membership organization of mothers with children, dedicated to nurturing future leaders.
Elena’s unique experiences inspired her to create a loving gift to those who care about empowering today’s youth and future generations.  The “Blessons for Living” series has been a labor of love for Elena.  See her books here on this site, and on Amazon.  Feel free to visit her YouTube channel and/or peruse this site. www.blessonsforliving.com blessonsforliving@gmail.com




Terry Did'Um Bolen
Terry Did’Um Designz, Illustrator of the Blessons For Living Series. Los Angeles based visual artist and digital creative service provider. Terry Did’Um Bolen's personal style emanates joy and peace that has captured the hearts of young and mature followers across the world. Terry’s true passion is using his gift to inspire children of all ages to dream, stretch out their wings and believe that all things are possible.