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About Us

Blessons for Living is dedicated to parents. youth and young adults that desire to manifest a life of greatness. By sharing life’s greatest lessons we are a blessing to generations to come. A Blesson is a lesson shared. It can be heard, learned or earned, but it is always a gift that gives you a lift. It’s a blessing to share and a blessing to care. Oh what a Blesson it is! 



Shared Lessons = Blessings = BLESSONS



Our books highlights some of the most important values that parents want to teach their children, like making good choices, loving themselves and being brave.” These are just a few of the Blessons found in our Blessons for Living books, beautifully illustrated by Terry Di’Dum. 



In every way, every day you can be helpful and kind. Be a Blesson! Share “Blessons for Living books with your child and those you love.

Elena Neely is a thoughtful and intentional author, national speaker, motivating mom, teen advisor and business woman. Elena’s unique life experiences inspired her to create a gift to parents that will help them communicate life’s most important lessons in an extraordinary way. The dazzling debut of “Blessons for Living, Planting Seeds of Greatness” and most recently Blessons for Living, The BEST of BEING: is a manifestation of LOVE for Elena, fulfilling a unique space for parents to educate, inspire and entertain their children at the earliest possible age.


Terry Did’Um Designz Los Angeles based visual artist and digital creative service provider.  Terry Did’Um Bolen's personal style emanates joy and peace that has captured the hearts of young and mature followers across the world. Terry’s true passion is using his gift to inspire children of all ages to dream, stretch out their wings and believe that all things are possible.