Blessons For Living Hardcover Book Series

This is the preeminent and foundational Blessons for Living children’s book series. A total of three books contain 30 Blessons that are vital to our young generation. They are lessons that most parents want their children to know as soon as possible. (Lessons Shared =Blessings=Blessons for Living). While the series was created with youth up to age 17 in mind, these 30 important life lessons will benefit readers of all ages.

Blessons for Living Series

Planting Seeds of Greatness
Blesson One: The Mind
Blesson Two: Learning
Blesson Three: Sleeping
Blesson Four: Listening
Blesson Five: Thinking
Blesson Six: Choices
Blesson Seven: Bullying
Blesson Eight: Good Habits
Blesson Nine: Do Your Best
Blesson Ten: Love Yourself


Blesson One: Be a Friend
Blesson Two: Be Kind
Blesson Three: Be Helpful
Blesson Four: Be Careful
Blesson Five: Be Curious
Blesson Six: Be Brave
Blesson Seven: Be Grateful
Blesson Eight: Be Positive
Blesson Nine: Be Happy
Blesson Ten: Be Yourself

Always Remember and Never Forget
Blesson One: Power of One
Blesson Two: Forgiveness is Free
Blesson Three: Show Appreciation
Blesson Four: You Were Created for a Purpose
Blesson Five: Believe In Yourself
Blesson Six: Dreams Come True
Blesson Seven: Chances Make Champions
Blesson Eight: Cherish Each Day
Blesson Nine: Love Does
Blesson Ten: Be a BLESSON



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