Author: Neely, Elena M.

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 76

Release Date: 05-03-2023

EAN: 9781737119982

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 8.3 x 0.4 inches

Languages: English

BEING, and Always Remember and Never Forget) has been publishedWelcome to the Blessons for Living One Book! This intensely awaited premier book series is complete.
Thirty of life’s most important lessons for youth can be found in the Blessons For Living series. Now,instead of three separate books, the series is in this ONE Book! Each Blessons for Living book (PlantingSeeds of Greatness, The BEST of individually. This foundational life-values series contains thirty important lessons that children shouldknow to live their best life. The lessons are written to teach and entertain.

Blessons for Living: Planting Seed of Greatness is the first book in the Blessons for Living Series and it
highlights some of the most basic values that parents want to teach to their children like making good
choices, loving themselves, and the importance of learning. Blessons For Living: The BEST of BEING
shares some of the most important ways to be in life. To be helpful, positive, brave, and happy are just a
few of the Blessons shared in a uniquely entertaining way for children. These are just a few of the thirty
lessons featured in this book. We refer to these lessons as Blessons.

A Blesson is a lesson shared. It’s a blessing to care and a blessing to share. Always remember and never forget, Blessons flow to help you grow. Oh, what a Blesson it is! All three books in the series are beautifully illustrated by Terry Did’Um,
Terry Did’Um Designz. Greatness awaits all readers of this groundbreaking series.

Why now? Because our world needs it. Our world needs to teach children as early as possible how special, amazing, and powerful they are, and that what they do with their life can change the world.

Now there is also an amazing accompanying workbook. The 
Blessons For Living Workbook takes these thirty Blessons to new heights, and are strengthened through related Bible scriptures, thought-provoking dialogue, and creative exercises. The Workbook, along with the BLESSONS FOR LIVING books are a perfect youth Bible program, individual study, or community-based youth curriculum.

Get the "Blessons for Living ONE Book" and the "Blessons For Living Workbook" today!



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