Blessons for Living, Planting Seeds of Greatness (Paperback)


Author: Elena M. Neely


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Binding: hardcover

Release Date: 07-07-2020

Details: Is there a fun, engaging way to teach important life lessons to your child?

One of the greatest desires of any parent is to raise a kind, loving, and morally-conscious adult. People say it’s hard having kids, but raising them is even more challenging. Children learn values and morality by observing the role models around them and following the guidance they provide.

Kids learn and adapt life lessons through their personal experiences. Among all the activities you can do with your child, reading them educational children’s books is one of the most impactful.

Teach your children valuable life lessons at an early age with BLESSONS for Living, Planting Seeds of Greatness!

BLESSONS for Living, Planting Seeds of Greatness highlights some of the most important values parents will undoubtedly want to teach to their children. Allow your kids to discover their uniqueness and the importance of self-love even at such a young age.

This beautifully-illustrated book presents a child-friendly and relatable approach to teaching complex life lessons. Teach your kids how to be accountable for their actions, make good choices, and always love themselves.

Learning about life and virtues is made fun and engaging, thanks to this book’s captivating illustrations. Make it a habit to read the book with your child every night or during your free time. You can also help them memorize each “blesson” while teaching them the meaning behind all ten.

Here are more reasons to love this toddler learning

✅ Engaging and colorful illustrations to entice visual learners
✅ Age-appropriate language that can be used to practice their reading and writing skills
✅ A fun way to educate, inspire, and build a strong foundation of character

Plant life "blessons" in your child’s mind and watch them reap the benefits as they grow up. Add BLESSONS for Living to your cart TODAY!

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